Light Up The Sky (1994)

Light Up The Sky

#Track TitleLength
1Light Up The Sky03:34
2Simply Free03:52
4The Bear05:57
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Adam WakemanOrganAll
Chrissie HammondVocalsAll
Stuart SawneyGuitar and Drum ProgrammingAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CD SingleWAKEY 4PresidentUK
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • No info
  • Bajonor Studios, IoM during April 1994
  • Stuart Sawney
Rick's Perspective
Having been asked to write some music especially for a huge firework display in Newcastle, I set about writing a song for the end part of the show and this was it. Before I could get to wiring any more, they cancelled the concert due to a lack of money to buy the rockets and Catherine wheels!
Wakey's Verdict
A collector's item.
Little Known Trivia
The posters for the event were actually printed and are extremely collectable if you can find one...and no, I don't have one!

Reniet Ramirez on 3rd November 2002 [Other reviews]

I have only heard the title song "Light Up the Sky" and you can also find it in "The Masters" compilation Very hard rock, very commercial, . I think it's Chrissie Hammond's best song! I love it.