Piano Vibrations (1971)

Piano Vibrations

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#Track TitleLength
1Take Me To The Pilot03:00
2Yellow Man02:36
3Cast Your Fate To The Wind02:35
4Gloria, Gloria03:08
5Your Song03:45
6Delta Lady03:26
7A Picture of You02:59
8Home Sweet Oklahoma03:22
9Fire and Rain03:25
10Classical Gas02:56
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanPianoAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Vinyl LP2460 135PolydorUK
Vinyl LP2484 082PolydorCanada
Equipment Studio Engineering
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Rick's Perspective

This was never meant to be a solo album and to be honest I certainly don't count it as a solo album in any respect. True it is a piece of history, but not one I'm proud of.

I was actually booked to play piano on a session at Pye Studios in London's Marble Arch and it was to play on some backtracks for an unknown singer who was due in later that week to put his vocals on.

Shortly afterwards I started having some success with Strawbs and the next thing we knew was that the album was being put out by PYE Records as "Piano Vibrations" with no vocalist and with a picture of me on the back.

I was unhappy and A&M Records, who had Strawbs and myself signed, were

I received £9 for my trouble.

Wakey's Verdict

If you're in to collecting nostalgia and history then this is for you. If you are a music lover however then save your money!

Little Known Trivia

On the day of the recording I had bought a full length Afghan coat, which were all the rage, (a guy on the session actually took a picture of me wearing it), and during the break I put it in the back of my 1967 Ford Cortina. After the session I came out to a smashed side window and no coat.


Ben Jordan on 6th September 2011 [Other reviews]

While understandably not officially counted by Rick himself (see above), Piano Vibrations is an interesting time capsule for the fans. It's a snapshot of a jobbing young musician on the cusp of fame - indeed the reason Pye rather misguidedly released it in the first place - and being also a collection of period pop tunes, is not at all painful to listen to. Indeed, the early 70s instruments and production only gives it a more distinct character with the passage of time, as does the lack of a lead vocalist! Standout tracks include 'Yellow Man' and the perennial go-to track, 'Classical Gas'. By no means a classic, devoid of any original compositions, and a desperately foolhardy attempt to cash in on the world's greatest keyboard player - one that is sure to raise a groan or two from Mr. Wakeman whenever it's mentioned in his presence - Piano Vibrations is nonetheless an enjoyable 'historical document' for those of us who've been with him ever since.

Cristian Muresanu on 16th January 2009 [Other reviews]

A positive beginning for not only piano, but nice rock orchestra, female background choir, soloists in some tracks, style raging from jazz, soul, pop, old rock and others. Calm, warm, but also energizing and each track is very different from the other.

Christian Loebenstein on 26th October 2004 [Other reviews]

Since a CD-Reissue has become available through Voiceprint in the UK using a different artwork though, this album has lost a little of its value being a sought after collectors piece. Nevertheless it is still extremely hard to find. I managed to pick up an original copy for £ 18.50, which is a very reasonable price, on eBay recently. Note that UK Polydor copies have a laminated sleeve! Honestly there is nothing special about this Album, except that Rick's playing the piano, of course. Yet, enough has been said about the music - except maybe for the surprising inclusion of Randy Newman's Yellow Man (I would have expected this from Van Dyke Parks, but not from John Schroeder!) or James Taylor's "Fire and Rain" (it's Piano Vibrations, isn't it?!). So - what about Dylan Vibrations? Is Rick on that one too?

Shin Katayama on 16th September 2002 [Other reviews]

This album is a third part of Vibrations Series. This series are produced by John Schroeder, who has his own band "Sounds Orchestral". Piano Vibrations sounds like easy listening. Rick always says this is NOT his first solo album. I really understand what he says, because he performed only as a pianist, not as a artist or arranger. This album is produced and directed by John Schroeder, arranged by Lew Warburton, recorded at PYE STUDIOS LONDON. If you want to hear this album, I recommend to hear John's CDs. because, Piano Vibrations record are very rare and hard to find, and maybe very expensive. But John's CDs are easy to find at any CD shop. So,you can touch the Sound of Piano Vibrations!