Prayers (1993)


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#Track TitleLength
1A Wish1m 23s
2Hymn of Hope3m 25s
3A Prayer For Creation2m 10s
4A Cry Without Tears6m 7s
5A Prayer For All1m 54s
6The Answer4m 44s
7The Empty Vessel2m 2s
8Silent Prayer4m 43s
9Devotion3m 13s
10The Lord's Prayer3m 42s
11Prayers of the Prophets3m 7s
12Stay With Me6m 52s
13The Only God3m 39s
14I Can Hear You1m 43s
15Evening Prayer1m 43s
16A Final Wish1m 35s
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Chrissie HammondVocals2/4/6/12/14/16
David PatonGuitar/Bass2
Nina WakemanNarratorAll
Stuart SawneyPercussion ProgrammingAll
The Manx Girls ChoirChoirAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CDMYRCD 1296Hope RecordsUK
Equipment Studio Engineering
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Rick's Perspective
A second album for ASSIST and again one that suffered from an appallingly low budget and I really am ashamed of letting this album appear as no better that a bunch of good songs in demo form. The songs are good, the playing is poor. Chrissie Hammond's vocals are the only saving grace. Only 5,000 copies were ever meant to be pressed and I know it was all for a good cause but I have learned now to produce no more sub standard productions.
Wakey's Verdict
Ignore this one and buy Can You Hear Me which was a much better recording and remix of the better tracks from this album.
Little Known Trivia
Even though the original agreement was only to press up 5,000 it does appear that a lot more were produced although I doubt whether the money ever reached the charity for which it was intended.

Jon Hinchliffe on 9th August 1997 [Other reviews]

I was initially not to sure about buying this disc but I am glad I did it contains some great songs. Hymn of hope is has had its arrangement added to and now makes the Softsword version seems under worked. "I can hear you" is one of my all time favourite tracks it is an absolute Gem. The album contains readings by various people and I have to admit that I would normally program them out. Although the Devotion track it very thought provoking. A person purely interest in the songs should get the reworked versions on Can you Hear me? But I would recommend this to completists and the moog solo on "I can hear you" is at it full splendour on this.