Country Airs (Original) (1986)

Country Airs (Original)

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#Track TitleLength
1Dandelion Dreams04:13
2Stepping Stones03:49
3Ducks and Drakes03:57
4Morning Haze03:07
6Quiet Valleys04:24
7Nature Trails03:23
8Heather Carpets04:01
9Lakeland Walks03:58
10Wild Moors03:24
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanGrand PianoAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Vinyl LPNAGE 10CodaUK
CassetteNAGE C10CodaUK
CD830 510-2CodaGermany
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • Grand Piano
  • Herne Place Studios, Sunningdale
  • No info
Rick's Perspective
This was an album I never wanted to do. In truth at the time I desperately needed the money. Times were really difficult and sales of my albums had hit rock bottom. I was offered £5,000 to make a "new age" piano album and so I went for some long walks in the country and came up with the music. I recorded it over two days at a cost of £2,000 and kept the balance to pay off some very pressing bills. Overall, the music turned out to be pretty half decent and I enjoyed the experience of making a solo piano album.
Wakey's Verdict
The first of the "piano" albums, so collectable if you can find the original.
Little Known Trivia
The only real live performance of the album actually took place in Japan and a bootleg recording actually exists of part of the show....and I have it.

Matt Parish on 30th October 2019 [Other reviews]

Imagine being on a picnic by a stream near a forest and closing your eyes to hear the wonderous nature around you. This is the soundtrack to such a day. Simply B-ambi-ent...

Robert Nancarrow on 26th May 2013 [Other reviews]

I was surprised to note Rick's comment that this wasn't an album that he wanted to record. On hearing it, on its release in 1986, I was overwhelmed by its lightness of touch and its ability to evoke vivid images. In some senses, it seemed a particularly mature undertaking and demonstrated Rick's undoubted talent as a musician and composer.
The subtle tones of" Ducks and Drakes" and " Waterfalls" evoke memories of childhood. My favourite track is "Wild Moors", which whilst quite short, seems to run the full range of emotions and captures the essential sense of Rick's prodigious talent.
Take my advice, if you haven't yet heard this album, try it, you won't be disappointed.

Kevin M on 28th April 2013 [Other reviews]

I found the CD used at a music store for $1. This is one of the best 'New Age' style piano CD's I have ever heard. Amazing!

Criag on 22nd February 2010 [Other reviews]

As someone who was in the habit of buying all things "YES" when this album came out, the music on it came as a complete surprise. To this day, it is one of my absolute favourite CDs. I was very confused however, when I was upgrading from my original cassette to CD. It seems retailers were also confused, as I was sold the new version in the original cover. I had no idea it had been re-recorded and to my mind the original is far superior.