Live At The London Palladium 2023 (2024)

Live At The London Palladium 2023

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#Track TitleLength
1Catherine of Aragon05:29
2Anne Boleyn10:12
3Jane Seymour06:04
4Anne of Cleves08:03
5Catherine Howard10:25
6Catherine Parr09:55
7King Arthur07:27
8Lady of the Lake01:24
10Lancelot And the Black Knight05:36
11The Best Knight01:04
12Sir Galahad05:04
14The Last Battle09:14
15Encore - The King of Merlins01:01
16Encore - Merlin the Magician10:12
18The YES Suite (part A – The Meeting)05:15
19The YES Suite (part B – Wonderous Stories)04:07
20The YES Suite (part C – Southside of the Sky)09:02
21And You And I10:06
22Starship Trooper / Wurm17:11
23The Preface01:20
24The Journey Overture02:48
25Journey's Dawn03:16
26Crystals / The Gothic Cathedral / A Quest for Water03:00
27The Hansbach / Fervent Prayer03:14
28The Recollection / Lost And Found03:24
29Echoes / 4 Miles03:55
30The Reunion02:35
31A New Vista00:52
32A World within a World02:01
33The Raft01:06
34The Battle05:23
35Cumulous Clouds00:37
36The Storm01:58
37The Cemetery01:24
38Quaternary Man04:36
40The Forest02:19
41Ages of Man01:56
42The Tunnel01:44
43Hall of the Mountain King / Mount Etna02:08
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Adam WakemanKeyboards / GuitarsAll
The English Chamber ChoirChoirAll
Guy ProtheroeConductorAll
Lee PomeroyBassAll
Dave ColquhounGuitarsAll
Hayley SandersonVocalsAll
Peter EganNarratorAll
Ian LavenderNarratorAll
Adam FalknerDrumsAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Boxed SetFRCD4BOX1940Fragile RecordsWorldwide
Equipment Studio Engineering
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  • Recorded Live at The London Palladium Feb 2023
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Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia