The Piano Album (1995)

The Piano Album

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#Track TitleLength
1A Wish01:15
2A Glimpse of Heaven04:04
3Catherine Howard07:35
4Morning Has Broken03:18
5Wonderous Stories04:06
6Chapel Hill03:39
7St Michael's Isle03:40
8Space Oddity04:04
9Life On Mars03:14
10The Meeting02:10
11And You And I05:50
12Merlin The Magician05:48
13Gone But Not Forgotten07:05
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanPianoAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
CDESS CD 322Castle CommunicationsUK
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • Grand Piano
  • Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Flounders Inn, Virginia
  • During Mar 1994
  • Stuart Sawney
Rick's Perspective
Taken from a live performance during one of my church tours, this has some really nice nostalgic piano playing on it. Unfortunately the company that released it had about as much interest in it as Crufts has in mongrels. Sad really.
Wakey's Verdict
Probably worth collecting at the end of the day if you like the piano!!
Little Known Trivia
7,000 people attended the concert at Calvary Chapel where it was recorded. The main chapel only held just over 4,000 and so cameras were hastily rigged up to show the concert on screens in other halls.

Robert Nancarrow on 14th February 2013 [Other reviews]

For those of us who have been listening to the caped crusader for more years than we care to admit to, this album is a yet another example of his seemingly limitless talent. Many people associated Rick with the grand and the epic that is so well represented throughout his back catalogue. However, on this album, his undoubted skill as a musician and as an imaginative arranger of other people's material is peerless. Having seen him perform in this style on many occasions, he has the talent and the charisma to make an evening’s entertainment seemingly pass in minutes. Highlights include "A Glimpse of Heaven" from his time with the Strawbs, “Space Oddity" and “Life on Mars" from his association with the great David Bowie and a really moving arrangement of his own “Gone But Not Forgotten". If you haven't heard this offering yet, take the opportunity to catch up with an intimate evening of Rick Wakeman at his very best.

Trevor Jones on 8th March 2002 [Other reviews]

A history of Rick played on solo piano, containing tracks originally recorded by the Strawbs, Cat Stevens, Yes, David Bowie and ABWH as well as Rick favourites. This is a beautiful melodic album which can have no better recommendation than the the number of people unaware of Rick's work that it has enchanted.

Tim Boudewijn van der Wart on 26th October 2001 [Other reviews]

For Catherine Howard this version is actually better than the original! This is a beautiful album filled with new and old tracks. It is in a way a "best of piano" album, which is a good initiative I think. For the piano fans it is a real gem, but beware it is by far not as relaxing as Tapestries and Romance of the Victorian Age, it is a quite energetic CD, but truly gorgeous.

Gregory Dietz on 16th October 1998 [Other reviews]

Piano, all piano, and nothing but piano... fabulous! If your not completely convinced that Rick is a fantastic piano player (although he doesn't always play great - see my review of "Greatest Hits"), this CD will make a believer out of you. Recorded at a church in California, this is Rick, a grand piano, and nothing else! A variety of music is represented including RW classics like "Catherine Howard" and "Merlin the Magician", YES classics "Wondrous Stories" and "And You And I", and even some David Bowie. All the variations and melodies are superb; a virtuoso performance without ever being "showboat" - I'm assuming Rick didn't wear a cape. Live performances always seem to bring out the best in Rick's playing, and despite the fact that he's in a church with no staging, special lighting, etc., this performance is no exception. If you like pure unaccompanied piano, this CD is a must have!

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 19th March 1998 [Other reviews]

This album is very nice and gentle - and I have finally realized what "Catherine Howard" sounds like without the worst 70s moog sounds. (You know the ones that make you think of primitive computers...) On "The piano album" the sounds are acoustic, nice and relaxing. So I can very much recommend Rick Wakeman's "Unplugged"-album...