Time Machine (1988)

Time Machine

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#Track TitleLength
1Custer's Last Stand04:05
2Ocean City04:04
3Angel of Time04:51
6Open Up Your Eyes09:57
7Elizabethan Rock03:14
8Make Me A Woman05:01
9Rock Age08:37
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanKeyboardsAll
Ashley HoltVocals4/8
David PatonBassAll
John KnightsbridgeGuitar4/9
John ParrVocals2/9
Roy WoodVocals1
Tony FernandezDrums & PercussionAll
Tracey AckermanVocals3/5-6
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Vinyl LPRW7PresidentUK
CD290 07 127BellaphonGermany
Vinyl LP260 07 127BellaphonGermany
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • Korg
  • Studio House, Wraysbury, Berkshire during Jun-Oct 1987
  • John Burns
Rick's Perspective
The original deal for this album was with Polydor records, who just as I finished the album had a change of Chairman who told me he hated the idea, hated me and hated the music and was not going to release it. I tried to buy the album back but he refused. Six months later he sold it to President Records. Amazingly enough the album got pretty good reviews but it suffered through my being about as popular as a skunk in a perfume factory at the time and disappeared into oblivion.
Wakey's Verdict
I think some of the songwriting on this album is some of the best I have ever written. Ocean City and Custer's last Stand are two of my favourites and Ice is for me the best overall song I have ever written. Worth having in my book!!!
Little Known Trivia
It was during the recording that the famous hurricane hit southern England and was on the day I recorded Ocean City.

Tatiana P.Wakeman on 7th January 1998 [Other reviews]

Time Machine shows the influence of the 80s music in Rick's style.This is an album which has got one of the best moments from the keyboard wizard, and for the ones that haven't listened to the album, you should try to listen to songs like Ice, Angel of Time, Make me a Woman and Custer's Last Stand.Here comes a great album with great performances and great songs for people who like Rick's rock songs.

Time Lady Rabeca on 16th December 1997 [Other reviews]

This album is basically rocked-up Rick, with an 80's pop music leaning. The closest album to this that I know of is No Expense Spared, but this beats No Expense by a mile. All the tracks except Elizabethan Rock have vocals (though many have nice long instrumental intros or solos), a switch from his normal style of several instrumentals on his albums. Ice is my favorite track, and though it may be more toward rock than much of Rick's stuff, has a great deal of energy packed into it. This would be a good one to get (if you can find it) for a change of pace from his classical leanings.

Mats Landstrom on 24th September 1997 [Other reviews]

Warning! See my review of Zodiaque.