Country Airs (1992)

Country Airs

#Track TitleLength
1Lakeland Walks03:50
2Wild Moors03:59
3Harvest Festival03:12
4The Glade02:53
5Dandelion Dreams05:35
6Ducks and Drakes03:58
7Green to Gold03:19
8Stepping Stones05:10
9Morning Haze04:03
11The Spring03:47
12Quiet Valleys06:00
13Nature Trails04:07
14Heather Carpets03:44
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Rick WakemanDigital PianoAll
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
  • Digital Piano
  • Bajonor Studios, Isle of Man
  • During Sep-Oct 1992
  • Stuart Sawney
Rick's Perspective
This was a digital re-record and in retrospect I should never have done it. The only reason was that the original company who had Country Airs went bankrupt and they wouldn't sell me the original back. Digital pianos had just arrived at the time and I thought it would be a good idea to record the album again on one. I can now look back and honestly say it was a huge mistake.
Wakey's Verdict
Forget I ever recorded it please!
Little Known Trivia
All the original music for Country Airs and music notes mysteriously had gone missing and so I had to sit with the original recording and try and recall as much as I could exactly what I had done on the original.

Kyle on 14th April 2016 [Other reviews]

Country Airs, Night Airs, Sea Airs, all beautiful acoustic piano. You are transported to the environments they are so named. Elegant, warm, evocative, and energetic could describe the feelings I get when listening to all of them. Listen to at least one of them every week for years!

Jay Haywood on 8th September 2005 [Other reviews]

This album is made up of beautiful piano pieces. It is great album to listen to as you are lying in bed going to sleep at night. It is relaxing, peaceful and beautiful music.

Charles Goulding on 14th November 2003 [Other reviews]

Times may have been hard for Rick when this album was recorded but you would never have guessed it from sense of peace and tranquility that comes from these pieces of music. Forget the "New Age" tag that will probably deter a lot of people from buying this - this is superb solo piano music. No flash or bombast here - just Rick and a Grand Piano. The result is charming and peaceful - yet it reamins an involving collection of music unlike the usual insipid,Muzak wallpaper that you normally find in "New Age". Some of Rick's undoubted spirituality seems to shine through here too and this really is a record that you will find will refreshing and uplifting. It always makes me feel good! If you have not heard any of Ricks Piano works this is a superb place to start. Give yourself a treat and track this down You will not be disappointed.

Bjorn Olaf Syvertsen on 12th October 2000 [Other reviews]

This is the first of Rick's pure piano albums, released in 1986. I generally like Rick's pure piano albums, but this one was a bit of a disappointment. I regard it as the weakest album of this category (I haven't heard "Romance of the Victorian age" yet, though). It is very calm and quiet, so much in fact, that it gets a bit boring. If you're into this type of music, buy "Heritage suite" or "The piano album", or "Tapestries", instead.

John Strangeland on 22nd November 1999 [Other reviews]

While Country Airs is easily Rick's most beautiful solo piano album, please beware the re-recorded CD version. The sweetness and inspiration of the original is absolutely destroyed on the re-issue. Scrounge the first LP or CD and you will be rewarded with his most eloquent melodies and a lovely, heartfelt performance.

Mats Landstrom on 24th September 1997 [Other reviews]

Look out for the version with real piano. The re-recording features a horrendous sample-piano.

Bill Watkins on 25th July 1997 [Other reviews]

Pure piano, pure music, pure joy. Country Airs is reported to be like a 'walk in the country' and it is. The soothing interperative music of ballbling brooks and flowery fields showing another side of Rick many may not know of, helping sooth the frazzled soul. And album worth finding.