Treasure Chest Volume 7 - Journey to the Centre of the Earth + (2002)

Treasure Chest Volume 7 - Journey to the Centre of the Earth +

#Track TitleLength
1Journey to the Centre of the Earth39:25
2Catherine Parr04:10
3Catherine Howard09:48
4Anne Boleyn07:08
5The American Advert Concerto05:06
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
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Originally released as part of the limited edition Treasure Chest boxed set.

Available from Voiceprint

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Christian Loebenstein on 25th May 2002 [Other reviews]

Volume 7 features 65 minutes Live in Concert from North America, ca. 1974/75. Originally a bootleg (see “Unleashing The Tethered One”), the sound has been cleaned up pretty well, but it varies, so I can easily give it an A-minus on one hand, while others only deserve a B-rating. Excellent performances throughout though! See if you can guess, which choir parts in “Catherine Parr” are actually sung, and which are obviously played on the mellotron. At least that’s what I think! The Piano Concerto at the end rounds it up nicely. This is almost it. Just one more treasure waiting in the chest... Music: A++ Sound Quality: varies from A- to B