Treasure Chest Volume 6 - Medium Rare (2002)

Treasure Chest Volume 6 - Medium Rare

#Track TitleLength
1Jane Seymour04:45
3The Microcosm Suite h - Kalum Koll02:08
3The Microcosm Suite g - Quida01:55
3The Microcosm Suite f - Healey-Kae01:55
3The Microcosm Suite e - Bodor02:08
3The Microcosm Suite d - Quiggin03:28
3The Microcosm Suite c - Egoniaga01:54
3The Microcosm Suite b - Callhinor01:57
3The Microcosm Suite a - The Sun01:50
5Robot Man/Paint It Black08:50
6After Prayers06:40
7Your Move03:35
8The Realisation03:45
9The Suicide Shuffle05:35
Artist Name Instrument Track (where known)
Type Cat No. Label Country Other Title
Equipment Studio Engineering
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Originally released as part of the limited edition Treasure Chest boxed set.

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Wakey's Verdict
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Christian Loebenstein on 25th May 2002 [Other reviews]

Volume 6 already. Time flies. The original Jane Seymour on church organ is really a sensation. “Beyond” is a little too short to make an impact, but I haven’t come across a copy of the “Beyond the Planets” Album yet, so maybe I shouldn't judge it then. I have heard of the “Microcosm Suite” before, but of course never heard it – again I have to give credit to my younger brother, who told me about the game and that it was intended to have music by Rick more than ten years ago and even had the opporunity to chat with Rick about the game at a Wakeman and Wakeman show here. The music is very much like Rick’s early 90ies work, Wakeman with Wakeman e.g. and has some fine moments. “Flyin’” quotes “The Forest”. Musically it lies between “The Burning” and “1984”. Isn’t that the time, when the mysterious “Spider”/”Danielle” Single must have come out? Then there’s the Bootleg factor with tracks 5-9 (12-16 on my display), but the performances are that good, that I personally really don’t mind the slightly limited sound quality. Finally, there’s the “Suicide Shuffle” Live on CD, one of my favourites when I saw it in concert in 1993. Music: A+ Sound Quality: A+ / B+ (tracks 5-9)