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Rick's Plaice

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Rick's Plaice premiered in November 2020 and then broadcast every Saturday for five weeks. Until Season 2 airs, you can still purchase and watch Season 1 on demand.

In Rick's own words...
"I can't wait for the first series of the new 'Rick's Plaice' to be shown as it will be a nice guideline for me for the second series as to how much weight I need to lose. And if you have as much fun watching the shows with all of the live music performances, guided tours around my equipment, facts about musicians I have worked with and even a quiz, then you will have enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them…which I have to say was most enjoyable. We're already planning for the filming of the New Year special and also getting ready for a second series, and I really hope that once the unsocial distancing rules are relaxed, that for the recording and filming we can have live audiences in with us without them having to wear masks and stinking of hand sanitizer. Enjoy… we did."

See you at Ricks Plaice !!!!!