Reviews by Levente Toth

Reviews by Levente Toth

Review of Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record submitted on 21st April 1997

A stunning, mainly instrumental album - baroque influences, dynamic keyboard lines, imaginative arrangements, wide symphonic passages. The last track takes the listener into a different sound universe- it is a dramatic, yet uplifting choral piece, where the tone of the music, the exquisite textures succeed to portray the controversial figure of Judas Iscariot.

Review of Night Airs submitted on 21st April 1997

Solo piano meets ambiental New Age music. In the world of electronic sounds, it is a refreshing experience in its intricate beauty and purity. Scintillating piano work, chromatic richness and nevertheless, great balance between the ambiental and essentially melodic character of the music.

Review of Aspirant Sunrise submitted on 21st April 1997

Suntrilogy - 3 hours of fragile, almost transparent music; sonic paintings of stunning colour, perfectly balanced ...the best experience a New Age music listener can have. The warmth of Rick's electronic arrangements, the melodic lines that are perfect in their simplicity, Rick's ability of translating into music landscapes, moods result in a brilliant ambiental work.

Review of The Gospels submitted on 21st April 1997

A quite innovative, daring and undeniably successful musical experiment based on the four Gospels. Blending synths, choir, Ramon Remedios' tenor vocals, Robert Powell's tranquil narration, it reflects the mood of a serene church reunion. With well-controlled emotional charge, it passes from moments of inner calm to passages of intense dramatic beauty.