Treasure Chest Volume 5 - The Mixture

Treasure Chest Volume 5 - The Mixture (2002)

Track Title Length
1 No Earthly Connection 11' 40"
2 Make Me A Woman 6' 20"
3 Fool on the Hill/Eleanor Rigby 9' 15"
4 Burlington Arcade
5 Space Oddity/Life On Mars 7' 40"
6 The Jig
7 The Breathalyser 7' 5"
8 Clair de Lune 3' 45"

Treasure Chest Volume 5 - The Mixture (2002)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument

Treasure Chest Volume 5 - The Mixture (Treasure Chest Volume 5 - The Mixture)

Type Cat No. Label Country
CD VPTCCD5 Voiceprint Worldwide

Treasure Chest Volume 5 - The Mixture (2002)

Miscellaneous Information
Originally released as part of the limited edition Treasure Chest boxed set.

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Equipment Studio Engineering

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Christian Loebenstein on 24/05/2002 [Other reviews by Christian Loebenstein ]

The Mixture opens with a “No Earthly Connection” Medley done as a duo by Rick and Ashley Holt Very powerful. When it comes to “Make Me A Woman”, I prefer the version with Dave Paton on fretless Bass. “Fool On The Hill” has always been one of my favourite Beatles tunes, and this version, again a duo – Rick on Piano, Holt on vocal – is a fine one! Eleanor Rigby is, as we know it from Rick, all instrumental (speedy ending!) The rest of the CD is Rick and Adam with Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith, Fraser giving a fine vocal performance on “Space Oddity” – (this is Fraser, not Bowie, right??!!) and “Life on Mars”. Hearing “The Jig” live ( featuring the three of them again) is a big surprise, as is “The Breathalyser” (Adam on vocal) with the inevitable story by Rick, and a musical quote of Jimmy Webb’s “Up, up and away”. This must have been a very good show! More, please! Judging from the pictures on the inner sleeve, I hope Korg are still paying Rick... Music: A+ (again) Sound Quality: A+ (again)