Journey 2014

Progress Update

I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting news on how next year’s Journey shows are shaping up and now that we’re quite a few months into the creative and logistic planning process, we can reveal some more details as to the final format.

Most importantly for me to have on stage are the symphony orchestra, choir, the English Rock Ensemble, a narrator and 2 vocalists performing the new recording of Journey.

I also want to make the evening complete by telling the musical story of Journey from the very beginning, especially as it is both the 40th anniversary of the initial recording and also the 150th anniversary of when Jules Verne wrote the novel.

The first half of the show, (which will run for approximately 50 minutes), will be myself, a piano, a screen and a mixture of music and visuals relating to the Journey story, which will include “extremely amusing and potentially libellous” anecdotal stories involving many who took part in either the original recording or the subsequent tours or indeed both, and of which, most have never been told!

The second half, which will run for approximately one hour and ten minutes, will be Journey to the Centre of the Earth in its entirety as recorded on the new 55 minute version. The additional 15 minutes will come with the inclusion of Dance of a Thousand Lights from Return to the Centre of the Earth and also some extended solos. The encore, (if we hopefully get one!), will be an especially rearranged finale from Journey with the addition of Ride of Your Life from Return to the Centre of the Earth.

Worldwide interest in the show has been immense, but in all countries, (including Great Britain), the stage size will always dictate what is feasibly possible and it is equally important that a show involving so many people and elements has a format that can be consistent throughout the world. Sadly, that has meant that this time around we are not going to be able to incorporate the Roger Dean sets, though undoubtedly, if the show progresses as we all hope it will, we will be able to perform in venues where this will indeed be possible.

What we now have is a show that can travel and work in many more venues and most importantly, one that I know I will personally be very proud of.

In addition to the current list of tour dates, other shows will certainly be added and will be posted on the website as soon as they are known which is likely to be within the next three weeks, if not sooner.