Everyone associated with the Rick Wakeman Communication Centre hopes that you have enjoyed the content of this site, and we are pleased that you have chosen to visit us.

To contact Rick, you may send an email to the site but please understand that you may not receive a personal response due to the large number of emails that he gets. Here are some guidelines to avoid disappointment...

  • You may receive an automated response if it's a common question!
  • Rick will not enter into extended conversations via email, again due to the sheer volume, so don't be disappointed if you only get one reply.
  • We are unable to forward any emails with attachments - plain text only or it just gets deleted I'm afraid. This again is due to Rick accessing his email remotely and not wanting to run up huge hotel bills downloading attachments.
  • Please don't ask Rick for sheet music, CDs or copies of "Say Yes".

If you wish to contact Rick professionally, please visit the management contact page.

Joining the RWCC

As of the end of 2009, the RWCC is no longer being operated as a paid service, which is mainly due to the fact that most people now get their information online and as the cost was mainly to publish and post a newsletter, Rick feels that it is now an appropriate time to use this website and the GORR for that purpose.

RWCC Forum

The RWCC forum was a place for members of the RWCC to discuss Rick related things. We are now opening that up to a wider audience and you can join the forum at forum.rwcc.com

Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming flood of spam signups, we have closed the forum to new registrations, however you can still join by using the message form to request to join. In your message, please state your choice of username and we will allocate you a random password.

After you have been registered, please closely monitor your spam folder for the followup mail, as it often ends up there. Alternatively, add the domain rwcc.com to your "do not block" list. We do not maintain a list of email addresses, so you will never be emailed for other reasons.

Once accepted, please note that the forum posts are heavily moderated with a zero tolerance policy. Any rude behavior or spam postings will result in immediate removal of the post and membership login. The forums have been a great place for RWCC members to chat for a number of years and we want to keep them "special" for everyone.

Newsletter Back Issues

Newsletter Obviously, the most useful resource for RWCC members was the quarterly newsletter. Not only did they contain the real facts, but a fair few anecdotes and family stories. Here are some back issues dating back to the first issue in March 1988. Obviously the information in these issues is not current and it is often interesting to follow a project through to either success or failure. Please do not contact us about anything relating to this old news. It's just an archive, please treat it as such!