Journey to the Centre of the Earth - 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition DVD (2005)
Album Artwork
Track List
Title Length
1 Catherine Parr 11' 51"
2 Guinevere 6' 11"
3 Journey to the Centre of the Earth 41' 20"
4 Catherine Howard
5 Merlin 7' 48"
6 Anne Boleyn 6' 42"
7 Reprise from The Forest 11' 13"
8 The Lost Journey Documentary 30' 38"
Type Cat No. Label Country
DVD PAL DVD8049X Classic Pictures Worldwide
Miscellaneous Information
In January 2005 for the very first time in 30 years Rick Wakeman and original band members Roger Newell, Ashley Holt, Barney James and Gary Pickford Hopkins were reunited at Shepperton Studios. Between them they had their own exclusive never seen before Super 8mm footage which was filmed during their amazing Journey and this documentary shows them at the time and today with interviews and many funny stories - This is a fascinating insight into their unforgettable Journey and life on the road across the globe A collectors dream.
Equipment Studio Engineering
•Recorded February 4th 1975 at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, Australia
•Documentary recorded January 2005 at Shepperton Studios, UK
Rick's Perspective
Wakey's Verdict
Little Known Trivia

Fendall Hill on 13/08/2005 [Other reviews by Fendall Hill ]

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and well produced DVD with, considering the age of the footage, surprisingly good sound quality. Needless to say the musicianship of Rick, the band, vocals, choir and orchestra (except for the atrocious brass section) was brilliant! The renditions of Merlin and Anne Boleyn were a real highlight, and the hymn "The Day the Lord..." - Rick's lead-in and performance of that hymn always affects me personally more than any strictly sacred piece I know. The classical guitar is exquisite. I'd heard about the blow-up dinosaurs, but to see them in "action" made me laugh uncontrollably loudly. The "Lost Journey" documentary was real fun, as was the whole DVD.